You have deactivated your Facebook account … (again)

I have, and it feels good.  I deactivated Facebook before, and I said it felt good then too, but I went back, I caved in.  Here’s what I wrote last time:

Re-reading it, I still agree with every word and wonder why I ever went back?

Main reasons for leaving:

1) I dislike my own updates.  I’m mostly trying to show people how witty I am by forwarding other people’s jokes (impressive), and if I’m not making a joke, I’m self publicising by posting from some glamorous location so I can show everyone where I am.  Look at me!

2) I dislike (some) other people’s updates.  Many people use Facebook to show off.  Facebook is like one big pissing contest around exam time/holidays/christmas.  And yes, I’m guilty of this – see 1) above. Look at you!

3) I waste an enormous amount of time on it.  I checked if before bed, I checked it each morning and if I woke in the middle of the night I checked it then too.  I also checked it at work, on the train and walking down the street.

4) It stole my creativity and it stole my time.  Why bother expressing your feelings in a thought out, considered piece of prose, when you can do a short FB update instead? Why work hard at producing something original when you can upload a photo or share an article?

5) It spoiled great occasions.  So addicted to Facebook was I, that if I was at some fantastic event, my first thought was to capture it and share it with Facebook.  As I wrestled with technology, tried to take photos in the crowd, or struggle to login to wifi or get 3G access, the ‘event’ unfolded in front of me, and I was missing most of it as I viewed it through the lens of my iPhone instead of with my eyes.

6) It’s anti-social and it’s become so insidious it’s changing society and how we interact with each other, and that scares me most of all.

Knowing my track record of anything, I will give in and go back at some point, but then if you’ve been reading this blog you already knew that.

This is me

2 thoughts on “You have deactivated your Facebook account … (again)

  1. Sally A. Easton says:

    Hi Andy, All the points you make are true in some ways….. but I do like seeing the photos you post and saying to Dave .. look where Andy is now… show off! Enjoy reading your spinning heads. See you on facebook again when you decide to return.! Sally PS Donna tells me you’re having the kitchen done. We did ours last July and love it……..enjoy! 🙂



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