Warrior Fasting

The latest diet craze seems to be fasting.  I’ve been following this for some time now after a friend of mine introduced the concepts to me and shared his amazing results.  My wife has also done this, and also had amazing results.  I, on the other hand, haven’t.  I’ve had OK results but not amazing.

I’m not going into the details of how the fasting diet works , you can read it all online http://www.thefastdiet.co.uk, but basically you restrict your calories to around 500 twice a week.  You can choose how and when you consume your 500 calories – you could have a small breakfast and light supper, or nothing for breakfast and then a medium sized supper.  You are supposed to do that twice a week but on the other 5 days you just eat normally.  There are claims that you can eat crap/junk on other 5 days but will still lose weight and see health benefits from fasting, but I remain skeptical, although I do certainly believe that fasting 5:2 can work as my friends have proved it.

So why doesn’t it work for me? When I fast, I don’t eat anything until the evenings, because if I have a small breakfast my body craves more food, I am better off abstaining completely untl the evening.  I find that easy, I just drink tea all day.  I have even exercised during a fast day and really enjoyed it.  I feel full of energy, it’s weird.  The problem comes when I start eating, as I tend to go apeshit once the dinner gong has sounded and I end up consuming 2,000 calories and 21 units of alcohol in the one sitting (I exaggerate, slightly).  My wife will attest to my appalling behaviour in this regard.  I arrive home at 7pm having fasted all day, then I open a bag of crisps, pour a glass of wine, eat a slice of toast, cook a meal, drink more wine, have a pudding, followed by cheese and biscuits.  And a glass of port … you get the idea.

This isn’t how fasting should work.  I should eat fish with salad, maybe one small glass of white wine and that’s it.  That’s how my wife achieved her success and why I didn’t.

So, I actually don’t mind fasting, and I quite enjoy the simplicity of not having to think about which things on my plate are carbs, what I am allowed, what’s banned, etc, I just don’t eat.  I drink loads and loads of tea and get on with my day, but I ruin the day when I start to eat, so this is what I am going to do …

I am going to do a hard core 36 hr warrior fast. I ate Sunday night and decided I won’t eat again until Tuesday morning. I have to go to work Tuesday so can’t get drunk and don’t have time to overeat.

Let’s see how that works.

One thought on “Warrior Fasting

  1. Lyndsey says:

    I’ve been meaning to try this for a while, though the days of the 500 calorie eats always seem to drop on the days when I’m meeting friends for lunch, so my diet is pretty much a 7/7 at the moment! problem with a 36 hour fast is that surely your body would go into starvation mode and once you eat normally again, it will grab all it can and store it as fat.. or so the theory goes, maybe it’s just an excuse for when the diet fails?? good luck with it though, I may have to do some more research and plan my attend more effectively!


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